Senin, 09 Desember 2019


It is 9 December again. And here I am (again) sitting down in new café that I wanna try, listening my top 2019 songs in Spotify, treating myself with a good food and reflecting my year. I think it is such a ritual, a yearly ritual. Hi 24 thank you for being such a great year, you are amazing!

Senin, 28 Oktober 2019



I was so excited when hearing that Joker will be filmed, I thought it was the solo movie of DC universe and Jared Leto might play as Joker like it was in Suicide Squad. I imagined that it would be an anti-superhero or villain movie. There would be a sadistic and action scene with light humour which tell us about how Arthur became Joker and how he fell in love with Harley Queen like how Wade Wilson became Deadpool and fell in love with Vanessa. But after watching the trailer I just realized, It is not part of DC universe but produced by Warner Bross and starred by Joaquin Phoenix. And after watching the movie I think I was totally wrong. It is not an anti superhero movie but more like a psychological movie that will bring your feeling up and down, sad and depressed like a roller coaster.

Minggu, 18 Agustus 2019


Have you ever loving a group for long time and watching their concert is one of your goals? Yeah I feel it so long. I’ve loved Super Junior since I was in Senior High School. I love their music and their happy virus. I used to watch their variety show as my healing time, I laughed so hard watching their silliness and amazed with their talent in the same time. Actually they have come to Indonesia in some times for holding a concert, but because I was still in hectic days so I never watch their concert. Then suddenly in some months ago I saw this announcement in my twitter.